Any Template
Designed to work around you, no template modifications required

Multiple Options
Registration, Order Forms, and Account Changes

Twilio & Nexmo
Two of the most popular APIs supported

Plug and Play
Upload files and immediately start verifying clients

Choose your method of delivery

Allow your clients the ability to receive a text message or a voice message. The message on both is completely customizable. It defaults to a friendly greeting then says the code they need to enter into the website. If you prefer, you can also restrict to only allow calls or only allow text messages.

Works with any theme

No website is created equal so why use an addon that restricts you? Simpily upload the files, set the settings, and start verifying clients. Easily modify the provided template files to match your website, adjust SMS and Voice messages, and select your method of delivery - text, call, or both.

Module Logging

See exactly what people are receiving via the Module Logs.

Stay tuned!

We are currently working on this module for WHMCS and anticipate to release within Q2 2016. In the meantime share your excitement on our Facebook page!

If you have questions about it or have ideas you would like to see in the first release send our support team a ticket with the subject "[SMS VERIFY]". Thanks!



Multi-language Custom SMS & Voice message Twilio or Nexmo New registrations Account changes New client orders Voice or SMS Any template is compatible Log attempts