Get the most out of OVH and WHMCS.
Designed for OVH, Kimsufi, and SoYouStart

Email Piping
Clients receive customized emails regarding their servers
No IMAP or Pipe required!

Have several OVH, Kimsufi, or SoYouStart accounts? No problem!

Fully control VPS or dedicated servers. Purely white label.

Customized Reinstalls
Design custom partitions or install standard templates.

FTP / NFS Backup Manager
Control access to FTP / NFS backup space. Allow IPs, Mounts and Password Reset.

Snapshot control. Create, Delete or Restore your VPS snapshot.

Control what functions your clients can and cannot do.

Interact with CPU and RAM usage charts.

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No brainer!

Fully optomized for WHMCS 6 unleash the OVH Manager and all it has to offer directly to your clients. OVH paired with the most advanced web hosting billing system creates an all-in-one solution that you cannot find anywhere else. Cut support tickets in half and make happy clients independent once again.

  • accounts
  • ftp_nfs_control
  • general
  • ip_control
  • ipmi_1
  • ipmi_2
  • permissions
  • reinstall_1
  • reinstall_2
  • servicelist
  • slider javascript
  • vps_main
accounts1 ftp_nfs_control2 general3 ip_control4 ipmi_15 ipmi_26 permissions7 reinstall_18 reinstall_29 servicelist10 vps_kvm11 vps_main12

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Stable: 4.1.0
Latest: 4.1.0

Designed for OVH, Kimsufi, and SoYouStart. Both EU and USA
SLA is important to us. Share your thoughts by submitting a ticket.

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Admin Features

omit specific reinstall templates client permissions emails in-depth list of all account hostnames manage client servers multiple accounts
easily generate and encrypt api keys

Client Features

RAM and CPU charts FTP backups Snapshots Reboot VPS Reinstall Dedicated Reinstall KVM/IPMI Manage IP addresses Add,Remove,Modify MACs Display server information Display interventions Receive white label emails Netboot


PHP 5.4+

Bootstrap 3+

IonCube Loaders



cURL enabled

OVH, Kimsufi, and SoYouStart logos are trademarks to their respective owners and used for descriptive purposes only. This addon is not officially associated with OVH, Kimsufi, or SoYouStart. Partner Program Pending.